Rental Aspects of Real Estate Investing

A challenging part of the business The mother of all challenges in real estate investing is the rental market. In order to be a successful landlord you will need exceptional diplomatic and communication skills. Your tenant will test you to limits that you never thought possible and you will be given the runaround by the […]

Profitability in Real Estate Investing – Knowing when to Buy or Sell

The Global Downturn The global downturn heralded an age when investing in real estate was no longer seen as being profitable. The rental market was collapsing and the first time buyers were holding on for better times. Established home owners had undergone bankruptcy and were never going to consider the property business as a really […]

Selling is the Natural Conclusion to Real Estate Investing

Closing the Deal Imagine that you have now finished investing in your property and all that remains is the successful return of your investment with a healthy profit. You have one more last step to take and that is selling your property. No matter how much effort you have put into your real estate investing […]

Profiting from Successful Foreclosure Investment Strategies

If you believe in harvesting profits out of hype in the property market, then it would be wise for you to invest in the distressed properties. Indeed, there are many possibilities of making money through investments in the foreclosed properties. The basic principle that operates behind the real estate investments is buying low and selling […]

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Dishonest Sales in Real Estate Investing

Everything is not always what it seems Real estate investment needs a lot of cash and investor input efforts to try and works in rehabilitate the investment. The least desirable outcome that the investor expects is to discover that their investment is worthless. The repercussions can be devastating on both the investor and the business […]

Potential Cashflow Shortfalls When Venturing into Real Estate Investment

Cash needs cannot be ignored You will always hear the mantra that this or that business deals on the basis of cash on delivery. You will also meet business people who are not willing to give credit no matter what the circumstances. They will insist that you give them the money before they do any […]

Plan Your Precious Metals Investment

The precious metals market is a safe haven for professional investors who are experiencing market tumult. During times of economic uncertainty, investors know that they can trust in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to maintain their value and usually grow in the face of adversity. However, precious metals are not just for those seasoned investing […]

Platinum Might be the New Gold

Paper investors always flee to the safe haven of precious metals when inflation and a down economy strike. There is indeed uncertainty when it comes investing in paper stocks and bonds, even if stocks are improving. Certainly, if anything was learned from the great recession is that investing in stocks and bonds without a safety […]

Rare Coin Investing For Success

Achieving success within the rare coin investing market shouldn’t be difficult, since there is a high demand and prices for gold and silver remaining stable if not rising considerably. And while it is a great and safe market to get into, your investments could be at risk if you have not done your homework. You […]

Investing in Rare Gold and Silver Coins

Investing in rare coins is the ideal way to add value and protection to your portfolio. Since the Great Recession of 2007-2008, economic instability has prompted more and more everyday people to seek a new form of investing, away from the traditional stocks and bonds. Physical precious metal assets, such as gold coins or silver […]

Investing In Rare Coins

Investing in rare coins is a pastime as old as coins, themselves.  People often collect coins for a myriad of reasons, not the least important being the building of their portfolios.  Diversifying is an important aspect of investing, and coins are a great way to accomplish that.  There are a couple of major reasons for […]