Good Reasons for Platinum Investing

Almost everyone knows they could invest in gold. This precious metal has been considered the king of the metals for a very long time. Because of this, options like platinum tend to get left on the wayside. Just because not that many people talk about platinum investing doesn’t mean it isn’t a viable investment for your own portfolio.

In fact, the more you learn about it, the more you will see that platinum is an even better choice than gold or silver? Did you know that the amount of platinum mined is ten times less than gold? In other words, the demand for platinum pushes the price of it up simply because there is so little of it available. If you are looking for ways to diversify your portfolio, then you simply cannot continue overlooking platinum.

The Platinum Deficit
The first of the reasons for platinum investing in 2014 has specifically to do with availability. The precious metal recorded extremely low inventories. In fact, the recorded stock was lower than it has been in more than a decade. Platinum is the rarest of all the precious metals on this earth. Knowing this, you must understand that something so rare can only go up in value. There is so little of it left that any change in demand will force the precious metal to skyrocket.

Worldwide Value
When you are considering the option for platinum investing, you do have to think about what’s going on in the rest of the world and not just in the United States. Countries like China and India are forcing the demand for the precious metal upward because investors in these countries are turning away from gold.

A metal that is so rare and valuable will only grow in value under the strain of demand from worldwide countries.

The Industrial Need
Platinum is an important element used in making catalytic converters in cars. Because the sales of vehicles throughout the world are setting records this year, this will increase the demand for platinum in the automotive industry. Again, this increased demand can only push the price up giving you another reason for platinum investing in 2014.

Considering Expert Opinion
Whenever you consider platinum investing in 2014, you definitely need to think about what expert analysts have to say. Even understanding the demand for the precious metal and the lack of inventory may not be the final push toward investing. However, when you consider the prognosis from the country’s leading experts, you will understand why you need to add platinum to your portfolio.

As car sales increase and as more investors in other countries look toward platinum, the price will go up in the coming year. Experts all agree on this point. That means if you start adding the precious metal to your portfolio know, you can enjoy the fruits of your decision very soon.

Experts don’t quite know just how high the platinum prices will go by the end of 2014, but they do agree that the prices should rise as much as 13%, which is a severe increase. Just imagine how much money you would have in platinum by this time next year if you get started investing in the next few months.

Your Investment Options
When you are ready to get started investing in platinum for the coming year, you do need to make the right decisions. You have different choices including bullion, futures, and ETFs. Take the time to research each of these options to determine which will work best for your portfolio.

Platinum investing in 2014 is a smart decision for anyone who wants to watch their portfolio grow in the coming year.

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