Different Types of Rare Coins

The first order of business when collecting rare coins is to know exactly what you are getting into. Although it might seem like such an easy task, there are actually numerous factors to consider when choosing rare coins that would fit with your portfolio best. Out of these many considerations, one of the things you should keep in mind would be the type of rare coins to collect. Following are just some of the different categories of coins that you can focus on today.

Half Cents

Most of these were released between the dates 1793 and 1857 and made from copper. In some cases, the coins were made but not entered into the circulation, making them even more valuable. For half cents, the ones with mint red shades are usually the ones found to be of highest value. Some examples of half cent rare coins include:

  • Liberty Cap Half Cent 1793-1797
  • Braided Hair Half Cent 1840-1857
  • Classic Head Half Cent 1809-1836
  • Draped Bust Half Cent 1800-1808

Flying Eagle and Indian Cents

Many collectors consider Indian Cents and Flying Eagle Cents to be part of just one series. The Flying Eagle was first minted in 1856 and continued for the next three years while the Indian Cent was started in 1859 and continued until 1909. Depending on their grade, these coins can fetch as high as $30,000.

Two and Three Cents

Two and three cent coins are really rare and were minted around the 1850s and onwards. The Two Cent piece was actually the first coin that had the IN GOD WE TRUST motto, lasting from 1864 to 1873. As for the Three Cent type, there are the Nickel and the Silver. The silver was released from 1851 to 1873 while the Nickel from 1865 to 1889.

Commemorative Coins

As the name suggests, commemorative coins are minted in remembrance of specific events in history. Currently, there are four commemorative coins today collected and saved for future financial gain. These are:

  • Gold Commemorative 1903 to 1926
  • Silver Commemorative 1892 to 1954
  • Model Silver and Clad Commemorative 1982 to present
  • Modern Gold Commemorative 1984 to present


Another popular collectible coin, quarters are incredibly fun to collect because there are many of them to choose from. Easily, there are about a dozen dates considered rare as well as several types of quarters that can be studied.

  • Capped Bust Quarter 1815 to 1838
  • Draped Bust Quarter 1796 to 1807
  • Barber Quarter 1892 to 1916
  • Liberty Seated Quarter 1838 to 1891
  • Washington Quarter 1932 to 1998
  • Standing Liberty Quarter 1916 to 1930
  • Washington DC and US Territories Quarters 2009
  • Washington 50 States Quarters 1999 to 2008
  • Washington America the Beautiful Quarters 2010 to 2021

Of course, those are just few of the rare and collectible coins you will find today. There are also Territorial Types, Bullions, Colonials, Half Dollars, Gold and more.

Although it is possible to obtain rare coins from every category mentioned, first-time collectors are advised to concentrate only on specific types, preferably the ones that interest them the most. This level of dedication to a specific category would make it easier for them to master the coin, therefore making it easier for them to choose something that presents an excellent financial gain.

Why Collect Rare Coins?

Collecting rare coins became popular as an investment strategy after the product showed incredible stability against inflation. This can be attributed to the fact that rare coins contain a high quantity of precious metals including gold and silver. Aside from their financial potential however, many collectors find that the thrill of finding rare coins is also worthwhile.

Different Types of Rare Coins
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