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Consumers looking for a way to save money for the long-term may want to take a look at solar power. Solar panels from provide solar power that is converted from sunlight. Sunlight is a free energy resource that anyone can access for free. By installing solar panels, homeowners are able to reduce or even eliminate their monthly electricity costs. Using solar power allows consumers to make their own electricity, therefore eliminating the need for traditional power sources. Customers who want to go off the grid can successfully do so by installing solar panels to their homes. Solar panels can be installed on any residential building including both old homes and new construction.

Benefits of Solar Power
There are many benefits to using solar power. First and foremost, homeowners will enjoy significant savings over the life of their home. Many owners indicate that they were able to fully cover the payment of their solar panel system in just one year. Then, savings continue to add up. In many cases, the savings may be thousands of dollars a year. Another important benefit of solar power is the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, which are part of the production of traditional power. Solar power is eco-friendly and doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment. For this reason, many people are making solar panels from their first choice for electricity. Sunlight is free and is available to all consumers around the world.

Save Money with Solar Panels
Money savings can be quite impressive when consumers switch from traditional power to solar panels from The initial costs of the system can often be offset with special rebates and incentives. Some rebates are currently in place that due to expire in 2016. The federal government also offers incentives for those who reduce their carbon footprint by choosing solar power. Additionally, homeowners are often able to sell excess power to the electric company. They can actually get paid to generate power. Solar panels require very little maintenance and can last upwards of 25 to 30 years or more. This means that over the life of the system, consumers can expect to see many thousands of dollars in savings.

Choosing Solar Panels
Homeowners need to review the options available for purchasing solar panels. It’s essential to choose solar panels from a company that has years of experience, such as Solar panels have become more efficient in recent years. The number of panels needed to power a home varies from house to house. Panels are positioned to collect the most hours of sunlight possible. Systems then convert the sun’s energy into electricity that can be used in the home. Using solar power and traditional power are the same for the homeowner. Simply plug appliances into the electrical outlets and turn them on. Residential solar power uses the electric company power as backup. Should the homeowner’s requirement for electricity exceed what they have made through solar energy, the system will automatically allow use of power from the electric company.

Buying Solar Panels
It is important for consumers to purchase solar panels from a reputable company with expertise in solar energy, such as Verengo Solar offers a complete line of residential solar panels and energy systems. With more than 25 years of experience, has been helping customers save money by producing their own power. Going green is nothing new for this company. They have successfully installed more than 8,000 systems over the years. Their expertise and dedication to quality installations give customers piece of mind that the job will be done properly.

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