Rare Coins And Wealth Building

Due of the Great recession the average investor saw his home devalued, salary slashed, and his 401K retirement turned into a 201K because of significant stock market losses. While stocks have regained value, when adjusted for inflation the losses incurred have not yet been recouped. Yet, many investors have returned to risky stocks as a way to build wealth. Certainly money can be made in the stock market; however savvy investors know they must be protected against the inevitable stock market correction. Bullion coins do provide a sound hedge, but what about wealth building?

Financiers should seriously consider rare coin investments, because this unique market offers not only a way to safe guard risky paper investments, but also provides a path to secure lucrative profit gain. A well written and informative article titled “Rare Coins Investment: A Primer” makes the case for rare coin investing. While the economy has recovered some since 2008, it is still unstable and far from normal. Europe remains mired in recession, and the recent sequester fiasco in the United States promises deep cuts that nobody wants. The article correctly states that rare coins are the perfect way to grow wealth during this volatile time.

There is nothing like tangible assets. You can actually hold gold and silver coins in the palm of your hand and they help investor’s weather economic storms. Paper dollars, stocks, bonds, and electronic money all have their place and are needed to live. Still, we all know from past experience that a high flying stock market does not endure long-term. The current market is setting new records almost daily, yet investors need to be careful. This is because the current market may be a mirage, and might be a bubble about to burst. The article convincingly states that rare coins offer the perfect solution to this problem.

The article point bluntly asks, why invest in rare coins? This is indeed a great question that deserves a sound reply. First, many US rare coins can still be used as legal tender, making them highly liquid if cash is needed fast. In addition, coin collections are easily transportable and rare and gold rare coins enjoy immense popularity from coin collectors. This added collector market worth is typically much larger than coin commodity value and can bring in significant financial gain. Rare coins are in a finite and low supply, yet demand is huge means coin collectors will pay large amounts for rare coins.

The article does say investors should learn the rare coin market because not doing so can cause costly mistakes. This is indeed good advice, because no one wants to diminish profits in the current difficult economy. Since the rare coin market is regulation free investors must have first-hand knowledge on coin grading and mint dates and how to avoid buying counterfeit coins. The article being reviewed makes solid points on all accounts, and says know the dealer you intend to buy from, before you make a purchase. Rare coins may be the best way to secure your assets, and build wealth at the very same time.

Rare Coins And Wealth Building
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