Current Trends In Rare Coin Investing

More and more investors are seeking alternative investments to the traditional investments of stocks and bonds.  In 2008, when the stock market plummeted and real estate investing was not a safe haven, the rare coin market saw exponential interest.  These days interest in the rare coin market continues to grow and rare coins are more in demand than ever.

There are many differing opinions of how the rare coin market is doing these days.  Some will say the market is neutral but stable.  Others will tell investors that rare coins are the investment opportunity of the moment with a red hot market.  Of course, it really depends on which part of the market the person is talking about.  Rarity is at a premium these days.  The harder a coin is to find, the more it will be worth.  While this is not new, the big rare coin news is just how high the prices are rising.

Almost any gold rare coin is seeing its valued doubled or tripled.  Some say this is due to the price increase in gold.  Gold has remained over 1600 dollars an ounce.  Because many investors don’t rely on other gold market investment opportunities, gold coins are at an even higher demand right now.  Because of the fear market that is causing investors to seek investments that are a store of value, these coins are selling very quickly and for even more than they should be selling for.

Other coins made of the other precious metals- silver, platinum, and palladium- are also higher valued currently due to the value of the materials.  However, for coins to truly be considered rare for investment purposes, they need to be M6 65 quality or higher.  These high end coins are even more in demand than normal.

Certain coins are receiving a lot of extra attention.  A non circulated proof coin that is in high demand right now is the $10 Indian coin.  Specific dates are more desirable than others.  Any of the $10 Indian coins from 1910, 1911, and 1914 are very rare and in exceedingly high demand right now.

Another highly collectible coin is the Walking Liberty Half Dollar coin.  These coins were made from 1916 to 1947 and many collectors are trying to build entire sets of these coins, seeking out specific years to round out their set.  A near perfect quality Walking Liberty Half Dollars can sell for several thousand dollars.

In 2013 and the near future, the trend for rare coins is focusing on higher quality rare coins, which will come with an equally high price tag.  Not every rare coin will get a great price, however, and buyers have to be very picky about what they choose to purchase.  Savvy buyers focus on the quality of a coin, making grading crucial to the value of a coin.

Trends in rare coins for year include the possibility for a mobile app to appear on the rare coin scene.  A mobile app to identify, research, and purchase a rare coin would make sense. Another trend to consider is the growth of fraud on the coin market.  The internet presents a new way for scammers to operate without many repercussions.  Buyers need to do increased research to protect themselves and their money.  Lastly, new tax laws mandate the reporting of any coin sold over $600.  Previously, such exchanges did not have to be documented.

While the rare coin market remains largely unchanged, there is an influx of interest and some new trends to consider.  Buyers should keep up with the trends in order to make wise investments.

Current Trends In Rare Coin Investing
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